Friday, January 1, 2010

Seeing Red

The latest climate change conference is over. It was attended by all the great leaders, all the great thinkers. All agreed that something must be done, and someone must do it. Someone else.

Follow the leaders. Follow the lemmings.

Some studies describe climate change deniers as delusional. Should you come across such a dinosaur, here are some links you can send them.

Changing global temperatures from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Cold comfort: the psychology of climate denial

And I'm really not sure whether to thank Tony Abbot here for ensuring that the vast majority of Australians are made aware with crystal clarity that climate recidivists have a very special agenda - one that has little to do with saving the planet. Tony is looking to succeed Latham as Australia's most unpopular leader of the opposition in living memory.

P.S. Dec 2011. Tony may be unpopular with many, but he's hugely popular with the press barons who have excelled at repressing his numerous gaffs and putting his very brave and embattled rival Julia Gillard in an invariably bad light. One such baron controls some 70% of Australia's print publications. It's a free country, what's unfair about that?

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