Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grrrrr... Queensland GoVia Complaints

Crossing into Queensland has always disturbed me, mainly as a result of my experiences there during the Jo Junta, so it came as a pleasant surprise to discover no toll gates when I went over the Gateway Bridge on the way to the Sunshine Coast recently, despite the heavy traffic. On the way home, the traffic was even worse. There were signs about etoll or summat but I knew not what they meant.

It came as something of a surprise to get two letters in the mail today demanding the toll plus a $20 administration fee. I phoned them and it was explained in no uncertain fashion that Queensland GoVia would escalate the "fine" considerably if I did not pay up, and then put it in the hands of debt collectors if I still didn't pay.

I think the word incensed would describe my reaction to this discovery. I paid the $40 "fine", along with the toll.

It is almost impossible to find the phone number of a human being working for these people, but one of the way to complain to Queensland GoVia is via this email address:
Mik Browning



  1. You do understand that that is the IT technical contact for govia right? and not someone who is acutally in a position to do anything about your problems.

  2. I just found out that the last notice from govia is not total owing and invoices don't include admin fee from last bill.
    eg.. 4.41 toll & GST charged 7.46 admin = 11.87
    Then a demand notice fee is now $25.31 so I assumed & paid $25.31 before due date. When I rang govia they said I still owed $7.46 because that was a separate admin fee and not added to the total in last bill WTF I only vist Brisbane 2/4 times per year. I refuse to pay them $25 up front lining their pockets. People don't use TOLL how many people out there are not checking?

  3. This was posted but did not show up, so I'm reposting it myself...

    I agree, the system is flawed! I travelled once through a toll point and there were no signs up. I assumed part of the process would be they take your picture and send you the bill via mail - how else would you know how to pay it? I was quite surprised to get the Overdue notice in the mail with the admin fee. I paid it anyway and figured the next time I would jump on in the 3 day period and pay it.

    I ended up going through the same toll point again a few weeks later. I remembered that I had to jump online to pay to avoid the admin fee. However, on the website there is no clear way to pay. I ended up entering all my details (credit cards number and everything) and it came up with a confirmation screen that the info had been accepted. I, of course, assumed I had paid the toll charge - even though there was no invoice or receipt.

    Surprise Suprise I get a letter in the mail demanding the toll plus the admin fee. I am currently writing a complaint email as I was on hold for 45 minutes with no success.

    I hope that more people complain and this whole system is overhauled. For people not used to travelling through tolls and even tourists visiting Brisbane the process isn't clear. It needs to be fixed or shut down.

    Posted by AdventuresOfAva to Retroflection at February 6, 2012 6:40 PM

    1. You are correct, it is an absolute Scam and the QLD Government gets a share of the Bounty so keeps quiet like a good little Mafia Puppet that it is.

    2. Try avoiding the Toll Routes and you end up being directed into the 'Clem Jones' Tunnel, another part of the Govia Network. If the Government were not involved they would offer a Toll free route for Motorists to choose, but they do not. Totally Undemocratic, more like Capitalist Authoritarianism.

  4. I used the GatewayI'm a visitor passing through, it's a one-off use. Went to pay, nowhere to pay for just a one-off toll. want you to buy a pass. AND very unjustly pay the expenses they incur to collect the toll - the video taken at the toll point, the retailer/agent's commision to pay cash. Toll booths on the roads themselves used to exist to collect toll payments, and while getting rid of them does improve the traffic flow, it also meansd less expenses by the toll company. They certainly shouldn't be charging us to pay it. That's double dipping. To top it off, the site clearly states the toll must be paid within 3 days, or else a fine for late payment will be incurred. The Chat line person on the site told me that Govia do not know what your toll charge is until 4-5 days AFTER the trip. And advised me to pre-pay (minimum $10).

    There is a screen onsite to pay a one-off toll - difficult to find this - where you give your credit card details, plus unnecessary details about yourself. But no amount if it's within 3 days of the trip. After submitting, the next screen cannot give the amount either as it isn't known yet. I din't get as far as this screen, as I refuse to give my credit card details when there is no amount. Surely this must be illegal, and also illegal for them to fine you for non-payment before the amount is known?