Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mullumbimby Gotcha

Excerpts from a series of emails...

The corner I crashed on is South of Mullum. I am sure of that, because the ambulance arrived from the North. Not hilly road, just level, perhaps following river flats. Hilly slopes just off the road on the west side. Unimportant now... but I remember everything. I can still remember threatening the ambulance officer with a ‘gotcha’ if he cut my riding boots off. Ah. Happy memories.

The hilly slopes would be Coorabel Ridge, most likely, and that sounds more like Myocum Rd than the highway.. and what's a "gotcha". A mate of mine runs the hospital these days, and has taken up motorcycling again after a long break.

Definitely the Highway, as it was then anyway. Just two lane road. I was on my way from Brisbane to Glen Innes with a mate on a Tiger 100, intending to head inland from Grafton.

The ‘gotcha’? ho ho ho,

It comes from an old golf story.

An amateur bets Arnold Palmer that he can beat him over 18 holes of golf so long as he gets 5 strokes start and two ‘gotchas”.

Arnold Palmer doesn’t know what a ‘gotcha’ is either, but hey, the guys an amateur. He will be easy to beat, so Arnold accepts the bet.

After 6 holes Arnold Palmer has made up the 5 strokes start and reckons he has it made, but when he is putting on the 7th, the amateur comes up behind him and without warning shouts ‘gotcha’ and reaches between Arnold's legs and administers a violent ‘gotcha”. ( do I have to be more explicit?)

For the rest of the round Arnold Palmer’s putting goes to pieces because he’s waiting for the second gotcha. The amateur wins.

Okay…. So the ambulanceman pulls out a big knife and prepares to cut off my expensive (and hand made) motorcycle boots, so I show him my hand in a claw grip and offer him a gotcha if he came any
closer with the knife. He couldn’t concentrate for laughing, which is how I saved my boots.

You want memories? They aren’t always funny. I was in the next bed in Brisbane General when Sandy Macrae and Monty Petrola (look them up) were brought in to hospital. Monty died the next night.
The nurses took turns sitting by his bed trying to will him to live. “Come on Monty, fight it. You can do it” ….for hours.
Article on Sandy Macrae

You won’t find me criticizing nurses.

Sandy discharged himself from hospital against doctor’s advice and used to come to outpatients on his Vincent with one arm in a sling, his wife on the back reaching round to operate the clutch.

I thought he was a bit crazy, but when I got out I was riding a mates bike with my leg in a full cast up above the waist, and the leg propped up on the crash bar out front.

I had to be very careful when I stopped to fall over to the left.

Cheers Grant

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