Friday, July 1, 2011


Riding in the car with Emile we discussed tomorrows' oral examination, his broken English and my extemely fragile franglais. I worked out that it was to be on a literary figure and suggested Molliere as a for instance. As I cannot yet roll my rrrs I had to explain you know, the writer from the 17th (or 18th) century, humorous plays...

The following day he phoned me and opened the conversation by telling me the subject of his exam. Molliere! Later when we met I asked if he was pulling my leg, mais non, he had it in his mind as he walked into the examination room, hoping it might be him as he knew the subject well. And it was.


And in a similar vein

This year I intended to repeat last year's Alpine motorcycle trip with a friend as pillion passenger, but cancelled much to her disappointment. All was not lost, however, as she got a spot pillioning with the tour leader, Cliff Pop of Ozalps. Some sort of family emergency caused her to cancel too. Her son James returned to the UK after a visit with her in Australia, and there got into conversation with chap in a pub and mentioned that his mum was very disappointed to have missed the adventure. Turned out the chap he was chatting with was going on the very same trip.

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