Sunday, September 18, 2011

Schapelle Corby Revisited

Schapelle Corby was convicted in an Indonesian court of smuggling 4kg of marijuana into the country in her boogie board bag.

When she was arrested and the facts began to surface, I voiced my opinion that she was innocent. Probably not a wise move as at the time I had as a major client an American anti-drug organisation. I lost the account.

My lawyer said she was guilty. The Indonesian justice system said she was guilty. The Australian newspapers said she was guilty. Eventually I capitulated, but I did feel that a 20 year sentence was perhaps a tad harsh, particularly in light of the fact that the Bali Bomber got only four years (of which he served less than 26 months).

However, it appears there are still people out there who are standing up for convicted drug smuggler Schappel Corby who is quietly going mad in an overcrowded, stinking Indonesian prison.

Among them are the publishers of The Expendable Project who make numerous points well worth  consideration if ever you had even the shadow of a doubt about the outcome of the case.

It is worth taking into account the long list of drug associations of family members and friends which Wikipedia outlines. This in itself does not prove guilt, but there's an awful lot of smoke!

Postscript Nov 2011

A new book on the subject has just been released.
"Sins of the Father by Sun-Herald journalist Eamonn Duff adds a myriad detail to the circumstances surrounding Australia's most polarising criminal cases since Lindy Chamberlain's conviction."

It leaves little doubt of Schappelle Corby's guilt.

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