Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tapping away for hours, deep in thought. Wrench myself away from the computer for coffee or whatever. After a few steps I wonder why my Crocs are squelching, and to my horror when I look down I see they're oozing blood and I've left a trail of gore behind me. WTF?

Leech, for sure, I decide, having washed the blood off my feet and finding nothing other than a congealed mess that must have been the leach before I squashed it walking - it was in both shoes because I tend to sit with legs crossed, one foot over the other.

I clean up the mess, go back to work, and after a while... more effin' blood. This time I found the leech, alive and well, and more puddles of blood. It had disgorged the first lot all over the floor under my desk, the curtains soaking up a good part of it, and had come back for a second go. I read somethere they don't like salt. This one certainly didn't.

Chatting today with a client about a medical site we got on to the subject of dentists (thieving dentists, I think I said - almost a tautology in this neck of the woods) and how some still use amalgam which contains mercury, from there to medieval use of mercury as a treatment for venereal disease, and then on to leeches. He was shocked when I said I believed they were still being used in modern medicine, so I looked it up.


The US Goverments' FDA recently approved the marketing of leeches which are used in reconstructive surgery and other purposes. This BBC article refers to them as "hungry little draculas".

The medical term is Hirudotherapy. Here it is in Wikipedia:

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