Monday, January 30, 2012


Like Tesla, a controversial figure, and one who few scientists give much credence. However, he came out with some quite remarkable stuff and there's still little explanation as to how. For instance, and if memory serves me well, he not only correctly predicted that Venus would have a much higher surface temperature than previously thought, but he also said it would be found to contra-rotate. It does. Tonight I found this...

"We are philosophically miles apart because basically we do not accept each other's form of reasoning — logic. I am of course quite convinced of your sincerity and I also admire the vast fund of information which you have painstakingly acquired over the years.
"I am not about to be converted to your form of reasoning though it certainly has had successes. You have after all predicted that Jupiter would be a source of radio noise, that Venus would have a high surface temperature, that the sun and bodies of the solar system would have large electrical charges and several other such predictions. Some of these predictions were said to be impossible when you made them. All of them were predicted long before proof that they were correct came to hand. Conversely I do not know of any specific prediction you made that has since been proven to be false. I suspect the merit lies in that you have a good basic background in the natural sciences and you are quite uninhibited by the prejudices and probability taboos which confine the thinking of most of us.
"Whether you are right or wrong I believe you deserve a fair hearing."
Professor H. H. Hess, then Chairman of the Space Board of the National Academy of Science, in a 1963 letter to Velikovsky

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