Monday, February 27, 2012


The story of the Krait is a remarkable tale of courage and heroism by Australian commandos during WWII. The boat they used, the Krait, is named for the most poisonous of reptiles in SE Asia and India.

This is a krait.

Earlier tonight as I was researching a problem with a new Leica when what should come wriggling across the floor towards my dainty naked pinkies but a krait. I rescued the cat from certain death and ushered the cute little killer out the door.

Here is a picture.

Actually, this one's not a krait, it's a bandy-bandy. Harmless. Has a very specific diet. Eats blind snakes. I'm rather pleased to learn that I don't have effin kraits to deal with along with all the other beasties which seem to constantly invade - spiders, toads, possums, pythons, bush turkeys...

Earlier today a young magpie came in to investigate and had an adventure evading the increasingly interested cat, flying into windows and screen doors. I caught the magpie and fed it some of the cats food on the verandah, and it was shortly thereafter dogfighting its mates around the garden.

Another snake story I may have mentioned on this blog involves copperheads. My knowledgeable neighbour Bob has dealt with hundreds of snakes in his time as a cane-cutter and banana farmer, and informed me that the copperheads I'd found in the house (four of them now) were "not that bad". Turns out Australia has 9 out of 10 of the world's most deadly snakes. The copperhead is last on the list. Not that bad!

(Pics above not mine - one is from not sure about the other - apologies to owner)

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