Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crop Circles - Latest Theory

I was having trouble deciphering email headers and ended up reading all sorts of geeky stuff about timestamps and routing etc which really made my head spin, but that's not the real story here. I came upon a really neat tool for analyzing said headers at http://headertool.apelord.com/ which led me to http://apelord.com/ who writes:

"Dear Apelord,

Are crop circles created by aliens? What is your opinion on the movie "Signs"?

Carl Blandford

Dearest Carl,

Your first question, however, demands a serious and thoughtful answer. There are many theories regarding crop circles. Some people, as you suggest, are firmly convinced that crop circles are created by extra-terrestrials in an attempt to communicate with humans. Some believe they are created by plasma vortexes. Skeptics argue that all crop circles are created by pranksters, pointing to numerous hoaxes and the absurdity of (the) idea that intelligent creatures choose to communicate through agricultural vandalism. A very small percentage of people believe that they are created by hideous mole men for their monstrous religious rituals. This turns out to be the correct theory. "

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