Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why We Love Telstra

Telstra's original Directory Assistance number, 12456, is to be replaced with that of their subsidiary, Sensis, on 1234. But it ain't free!

A typical 1 minute call from a landline which results in a connection to the number you're after will cost ~

Call Fee: $1.40
1 minute talk time: $0.77
Connection Fee: $0.99
Total: $3.16

More if you're calling from a non-Telstra mobile, and more still if it takes over 1 minute to complete the call.

To find Auntie Maude's number in Bullemakanka could easily cost you $5.00!

Legally, Telstra is obliged to provide a free directory assistance number. You probably will have a hard time finding it though, so write it down:

Directory Assistance 1223

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