Monday, October 12, 2009

Beer, sparkling cold delicious summer beer

Don't drink beer. At all. Ever. That's what she said, SWMBO. It's full of maltose, the worst of all possible sugars. But, but, but said I. No buts. No beer. Period, said she. Maltose. Look it up.

So I did.

The quote below is from an article on the University of California's UC Davis site:
In his research review, Bamforth notes that Arthur Agatson, who developed the South Beach Diet, originally labeled beer as "the most fattening of all alcoholic beverages" due to its use of the sugar maltose.

Agatson later retracted that claim and lifted his ban on beer when it was brought to his attention that maltose is removed by the fermentation process. But by that time, the brewing industry already had begun marketing "low carb" beers, which, according to federal standards, must contain no more than seven grams of carbohydrate per serving.

The following two articles support this view:

There is no argument that beer contains carbs, however, nor that carbs are fattening. So don't drink too much beer, and don't eat too many potatoes. But beer, per se, is not bad for you - in moderation.

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