Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm researching a strange cloud which was soared at Bicester around 1987 by several pilots. If you know of anyone who remembers this event I would greatly appreciate it if you could put me in contact with them.

Here is the information I have so far:

RAF Bicester Gliding Club
Wave cloud Bicester England @ 1987
Roll cloud which remained fairly stationary a small distance from the airfield.
It was not very long, possibly 50km, and lasted about 2 hours.
Lift reported by tug pilot Phil Stonebanks at 6000 fpm (yes, that's right, six thousand). Several other pilots apparently confirmed this. Tug/glider combinations were climbing at an angle of 45 degrees in front of the wave in lift which although of enormous strength was dead smooth. Sink on the lee side was also very smooth and of similar strength, according to Phil. They stopped winching as the cloud got closer to the airfield ( I take it there were both winch and aerotow operations)
RAF GSA Gliding Club, now moved to Halton.

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