Monday, October 26, 2009

Stop Licking Me

I have the equivalent of writer's block at the moment. To alleviate the sensation of uselessly thudding my head against the wall I fossicked in the cupboard and found a movie I'd bought at a garage sale a couple of years back that looked mildly interesting. It turned out to be quite beautiful, an elegant example of American cinema - Life as a House.

And while I'm on about movies and wasting time watching them, ABC or SBS showed The Human Factor, a 1979 British spy movie with Derek Jacobi and Robert Morley who plays a rather sinister MI5 spy with a fake Piet Mondrian on his office wall. I mention this because I have a painting in my loungeroom by Walala Tjapaltjarri who'd never heard of Mondrian when he walked out of the Western Australian desert after a prolonged drought, meeting another culture for the first time. When first I saw his work I assumed that he'd been influenced by Mondrian. Wrong.

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