Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sooo Predictable!

I wrote an email to Nigel a week or so back suggesting that there might be Morning Glory waves on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. He replied with a cute photo from the cockpit of their glider on the Glory of the 13th October, 2009. 20 years to the day.

They had one on the 11th, too, the first decent wave in nearly a fortnight. That of the 12th was a ripper, with lift of 1500 feet per minute. Amanda of Savannah Aviation tells me that Fuzzy Bob went up with Nigel this morning (the 14th) and they soared a weak one.

There will be a couple of MG tourists from Thailand tomorrow, so hopefully they'll get to fly in one of Savannah's aircraft as Rob and Nigel left after the wave this morning and theirs was the last glider. A great many MG clouds are not visible from the ground.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Rob & Nigel dropped in for smoko on Wednesday and told us about the photo greeting - wish we could have had you all here together and made you one of our special Cakes - we even have some fairy floss that would have been perfect for the Morning Glory on the top! Never mind, there is always next year, when the whole show comes of age and turns 21...
    cheers from lyn & Tex