Monday, December 12, 2011

Flatearthing V - Sea Ice

A colleague wrote the following:

"About 15 years ago a friend went to Antarctica and found that a fiord up which Shackleton had sailed his wind-jammer in the 1800s could not be approached nearer than 10 miles by ice-breaker - it was frozen over.
At about the same time an explorer managed to sail across the top of Canada to Russia - no sea ice and then a couple of years later everyone died trying to repeat the passage because the ice returned and crushed the ship's hull."

Arctic sea ice drops to record low - September 12, 2011

Arctic sea ice extent last week dropped to a new record minimum. At 4.24 million square kilometres, sea ice cover on 8 September was 27,000 sq km below the previous record low, observed in 2007.

Satellite observations of Arctic sea ice have been available only since 1972. However, this year’s sea ice minimum may well be the lowest in 8,000 years.


Arctic sea ice decline breaking records over 1,000 years old

According to a new paper in Nature, sea ice in the Arctic is now declining at a pace and scale not seen for over a thousand years. It estimates that after decades of decline, the amount of ice locked away in the High North is now 2 million km2 smaller than it was at the end of the 20th Century and that ice-free summers at the Pole are likely sooner rather than later.


Arctic sea ice and record lows
Scientists at University of Bremen in Germany thought it was a new record, while data from NSIDC showed the sea ice at its second-lowest level.

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Climate change logic lost in translation

In 2010, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences expressed the scientific consensus on climate change by calling it a “settled fact”.

One should probably read what the denialists are saying on the matter...

The Official blog of Australia's NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party
"The science is out on whether Sea Levels are rising. As this blog has written before, data show that Sea Levels are falling "

The page above quotes that doyen of social justice and fair play, Andrew Bolt, and also implies that coastal engineer Doug Lord lost his job for attempting to publish results on sea levels contrary to mainstream science, as does this page by News Ltd's Miranda Devine:

What neither page mentions is that

The Office of Environment and Heritage said the paper by Doug Lord and a colleague were withdrawn over “concerns raised by an independent statistician about the statistical analysis of tide gauge records”.

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