Monday, December 12, 2011

Rock Around the Clock - Telstra

Every time it rains (and it seems to be doing that a lot up my way of late) my phone goes all crackly and my internet (ASDL II) drops out, sometimes several times a minute.

Last time it happened I spent a looong time on the phone and eventually got someone to agree that a technician would come out, which he did, several days later - by which time it had stopped raining, everything had dried out, and my phone and internet were all good again.

This time I thought I'd be a bit clever, and at the first hint of things going haywire in the wiring department I used the direct number the technician had given me. I explained the problem and he replied that he was busy, ring Telstra. "Uh..., but" I said. He hung up.

So I rang Telstra and got onto a nice Indian lady who, after a long conversation much of which consisted of the phrase "I beg your pardon" she told me that as the main fault was the internet connection she would transfer me to another department. Nice lift music. New person tells me I don't have an account with Bigpond so I would have to speak with Telstra.

"Uh..., but" I said. She hung up.

Oooh, I so love Telstra!

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