Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ilivid Searchqu Solution

Well, a temporary solution... a workaround. (or not)

Add this Youtube downloader to your Firefox browser, and it will block attempts by the Iliviid searqu malware to hijack your browser. It wont destroy the virus, but at least you can have some peace while you're finding a way to permanently kill it.

It seems to protect at least some major browsers from being hijacked.

And it's quite a useful piece of free software, too.

Jan 2012.
Not sure that was what was blocking it... I think it may have been one of the other programs I installed. I've disabled and removed just about everything including Glary Utilities (which, as it turned out, had malware in it too - I've emailed Glary so they can fix this problem but as yet have had no reply) and the searqu virus has not raised its ugly head again for the last couple of weeks.

I visited the Ilivid Facebook page last night - it seems they're having difficulty removing the sometimes very nasty comments that keep appearing there.

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