Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ilivid makes me livid

Wrote the following to Google tonight:

"The advert is for ilivid browser plugin. This plugin is malware and is responsible for many thousands of infections. Google 'ilivid malware', 'searchqu'. Go to for more information."

I found the advert on


  1. Heh, I actually clicked on a fake download link and it went to the iLivid page (I'm on Linux btw) and I had this critical logic juncture moment...I thought, Livid means you're infuriated and pushed past your limits for containing anger. Isn't that a feeling we all experience...with viruses and malware. Also, the guys who made the malware further push the pun because in of itself it has i in front of it, and that has been known to annoy people.

    TLDR; I concur, fake download links NEED TO FUCKING STOP. And I'm sure I'm not alone on this.

  2. @jacunni....hi :D :
    thanks for your avice,i was searching the plugin because when i opened ilivid,first at least for me,its not so easy to use it,and second,i dont need malware's on my pc,so ill delete right now all about ilivid.
    thank you and a hug from Mexico,
    Sandra ♥