Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flatearthing III

Lord Monckton

A colleague sent me a link to a page which I initially took as a hoax, and then realised it was in fact a collection of articles by climate change deniers and other loonies. He had received the initial email from a chap claiming to be a university professor.

Here's my reply:

I just phoned the good Prof., Michael. There was no answer and no answering machine so difficult to confirm whether he really sent it. I'm fairly confident, however, that that's not a number at the UWA.
It's quite possible he is a real person and he has credentials a little more credible than those of "Lord" Monckton - after all, we both know that there are quite a few characters out there who are not in the employ of the oil and energy companies and who really do believe that stuff.

For every one of them, there are roughly a thousand highly credible scientists who say they're a sandwich short of the picnic.

Here are a few pages which I'm sure you're already familiar with:




and for light entertainment:


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